Soft Opening: 8/15/2018

510 E. Las Tunas, San Gabriel, CA 91776


Hours: 8AM - 6PM Daily

About HONEYhoney

We offer the best from nature. Using 100% natural ingredients, only sweeten with honey, and a piece of local honeycomb on every drink, our premium drinks is a healthier choice for you. NO artificial flavors, NO artificial sweeteners, NO artificial colors. GUARANTEED.

Why Honey?

Honey has a sweet, nourishing property. Honey works to harmonize the liver system, neutralize toxins, and improve immune system and allergy. Honey in drink is good for moistening dryness in cases of dry throat, hoarseness and cough. 


HoneyHoney was developed by Tony Wei, a Food Scientist with 15+ years of experience in new food product development. Being a foodie and passionate in the food industry, Tony’s vision is to promote healthy food products with all natural ingredients, and delicious to enjoy by customers. 

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